Thursday, January 10, 2013

Indy in Winter

There's something about snow at Christmastime. 

I know that it might be different when you live there and have to deal with the inconveniences of snow on a daily basis. I know I got to enjoy my white winter and then go back to Arizona where the sun is shining and it's merely sweater weather. And I know that it was a little after Christmas when we were there, but still. There's something about snow at Christmastime. 

I kept finding myself staring out windows. I couldn't wait to get out and play with June in it. 

We had a very cozy stay with my in-laws for a few days. Our time was filled with home-cooked meals and seeing the family and we even squeezed in a date night! (My dearest love saw Les Mis with me and I think I need to see it again because I was just squealing through the whole thing. In between the open sobbing, that is.)

One of my favorite nights was when my parents came to visit for an evening. We ate, played games and ended up having a tournament of leg wrestling on the living room floor. 

For some reason June adores her cousin James. She's generally pretty shy around other people when she first meets them. And even once she opens up, she's not particularly fond of other people holding her. But she would walk up to James with a book and sit on his lap as he read to her. She would shimmy up next to him and sit on his lap as he played games with the girls. It was so adorable.

Lauren and Meredith got June a book that has buttons that make little sounds to go along with the story. There are these three buttons that play about 15 seconds of songs. Amira, Saige, June, my mom and I made up some dances to go with each one and did nothing but the dances for about 90 minutes. This picture depicts us doing "the superhero" and you can glimpse June lifting her arm in the back. 

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