Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Travel

This year's holiday travel was great on the way out and pretty tough on the way back.

We considered our options on this flight. June being under two, we could still have her as a lap baby and not buy her a seat at all. But after having an open seat next to us on our last flight together - and seeing what a lifesaver it had been - we decided to bite the bullet and buy her a seat. 

Then came the choice to buy a restraining device, bring a car seat or try to try to sneak by without any device at all. 

We went for the car seat and were glad that we did. While everyone else was boarding, we pointed out that everyone had their seat and that June had her special seat. She liked her chair, slept a little and was otherwise a very good little traveler. 

It was fun - my mom, dad and brother were all on the same flight. They had all been upgraded to first class so this picture was taken when my mom came back to visit:

Traveling back home was another story. We were seated in what appeared to be an airborne daycare with babies all around, including a squalling baby across the aisle. June had a hard time falling asleep and an even harder time staying that way. 

I'm sure it wasn't the last time we'll have some issues flying with toddlers. Luckily the times had back home were good enough to make up for 4 hours of stress on a plane! Picture overload to come!

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