Monday, January 28, 2013

Five Things I've Learned this Week

1. Meta

I kept seeing references to something being "meta" and it meant nothing to me. I finally asked a friend and found out that something is meta when it is sort of referring to itself. For example, an X about X. A conference on conferences. A discussion about discussion. Zombie movie about zombie movies.

2. Final Girl

The phenomenon/trend that, in horror movies, the last survivor of the film and the one to survive to tell the tale is a young woman. I somehow ended up on a wiki article and now really want to read the referenced books about gender in the horror genre. Specifically, about how the final girl is usually a chaste, virtuous girl and the slutty girls get axed around the time they engage in sexual activity. And how important it is for the Final Girl to feel abject terror, and that a general feeling is that masculine characters can't represent this as well as females.  And how the villains are males whose masculinity (and sexuality) are in crisis. I'm suddenly feeling the need to watch Halloween

3. Prince Charles is Great Britain's oldest Prince of Wales

...since that became the title given to the heir apparent.

4. How to reverse image search in Google. 

In reading something about catfishing the other day, I saw yet another reference to reverse image searching. I finally decided to try to figure out what this was so I could feel like a super sleuth. I went to Google Images and searched for a random picture I had saved to my desktop. 

Sure enough, it searched the interwebz and came back and told me that the only place it was featured on the web was my blog. (I'm now blogging about blogging ... how meta!) Really, really incredible. People are able to use this to track to make sure their art isn't being claimed by other people and make sure the pictures they're sent by their online girlfriends really are their online girlfriends.

5. June's favorite Disney Princess is Snow White, but she likes Tiana too because she thinks she looks like Mommy.

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  1. Metacommunication is one of my favorite terms I learned in school--it's so important to communicate about communicating! ;)