Saturday, January 5, 2013

Danville at Christmas

The day after we arrived in Indiana, our little three-person family drove out to visit my family in Illinois. It was a quick 24-hour visit, but we squeezed in some memories and cheer.

Some of my favorite memories:

June holding hands with my dad and jumping and falling to the floor while Dad sang "all fall down!"

The whole family eating at one table at Steak N Shake.

Grandma Helen bringing out a stuffed dancing monkey that my Uncle Dan gave her at at Christmas past. June l.o.v.e.d. that thing. She would bring it from one flat surface to another and watch as it danced and made crazy monkey noises.

JP opening up an awesome collection of items during the take away game and wearing the contents for the rest of the night (see below).

Hearing my Grandma Helen tell us about her early years of marriage to my Grandpa John. (The more I hear about those two, the more I feel like Michael is like Grandpa John, which is a good thing.)

And now, some of my favorite photos:

At the Steak N Shake:

Four generations!

Check out the last time we took one of these:

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  1. Great Christmas 2012 memories and wonderful pictures! We sure had a great time with you, Michael and June in Danville! What a difference in June from the last 4 generations picture to this one. . . she grows so fast and charms everyone she comes in contact with!