Saturday, January 12, 2013

Color Me in Love

Michael and I had SUCH an amazing date night last night. 

Nestled back on 3rd Avenue in Old Town Scottsdale is a little storefront called the Brush Bar. It's a spot where you can order wine (and beer) (or not) and create a painting surrounded by other people doing the same. It was such a fun experience!

When you're making your reservation, you look through their calendar for a date and picture that you'd be interested in painting. This is key - I definitely like some of their paintings better than others. Here's a picture from the calendar on their website to give you an idea:

It is $40, which might not seem like much to some but for us it was a special occasion - it was one of Michael's Christmas gifts to me. This includes one drink at the bar and all the materials for "class."

We showed up, got shown to our places and grabbed a drink at the bar.

We picked out aprons to protect our clothes. Michael got a lot of compliments for his choice.

We pumped our paint onto our "palette." There were the suggested colors based on the painting we'd be attempting and some other colors for those who wanted to get a little creative.

And then we painted.

There was an instructor up on a little stage who walked us through the steps. Truly, even the most artistically challenged could paint using the instructions they give you.

I'd say there were about 40 people in our class, which was sold out. It was so fun to listen in on peoples' conversations ("Which brush did she say? I've been using this baby one...") and see everyones' interpretations in their paintings. See, while we all had the same instruction and the same idea to go by, they encouraged you to be creative. Our painting was of Venice at sunset, but our instructor told us we could do the New York skyline, or Paris, or Seattle or anything.

Michael and I stuck with Venice, but even then the application of different building types varied on each painting in the room.

It was a so much fun, and I love the results!



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