Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Chapter

Moving past that, the corniest post title ever, I have some news. I got a new job!

For the obvious reasons, I didn't blog about my interview process or how nervous I was to give my notice to my current job. But there has been a lot going on lately, which might explain why I've felt pretty absent on this blog.

Tomorrow is my last day at my current/old job. These past two weeks have felt so odd, with training other people and closing out projects and telling people that I'm leaving. Which I've determined is the most awkward thing ever.

I'm really excited and nervous for this new position. Excited that it'll be a great step moving forward for me, excited to try something new. I hope that I like the people and the office culture. I also hope that I am able to balance my need to come across as professional with my spazzy inner child. When I started at my current position, I was very quiet and professional for 6 months and then accidentally broke out in dance one day, outing myself as a crazy. Someone told me today that my personality really "blossomed" after I had June, and I was like, bless your heart, I've been hip-thrusting long before my I started procreating.

So wish me luck, if you would, and some control over my own hips.


  1. Thanks Vanessa! Excited/nervous! Excervous!

  2. Congrats Julie and let those hips loose. You were by far one of the most fun coworkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with because of your random hallway dancing!