Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dump Truck

When my mother in law last came to visit, she brought with her some of Michael's books from when he was little. They are old-school Sesame Street books (before Elmo was introduced) and one of June's favorites is called "What Did You Bring?" It's about Big Bird waiting for a package from his Granny Bird (we call her Grammy Bird since the book came from Grammy) and Big Bird asks what kinds of things different trucks bring. 

The Mail Truck brings mail, the Bakery Truck delivers bread, the Garbage Truck picks up garbage.

And then there's the dump truck. One of June's favorites to say. The problem is, she doesn't quite have it down. So... here's a video of June talking about her Dump Truck. You can see for yourself what it really sounds like she's saying. 

By the way, Michael and June are inside the fort they made of couch cushions and a sheet. If the setting needed explaining.

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