Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a little early celebrating at our house on Christmas Eve since we wouldn't get to see him on Christmas Day. 

First we walked to a nearby park - with adult beverages in to-go cups - and played a small game of baseball. It mostly consisted of Kai batting and June running around after the balls. She might have been on the receiving end of a foul ball but we think she will one day approach a tennis ball again. 

Then we headed back to the house and opened some presents! We gave Kai our gifts and June got to open some from Kai and her Uncle JP. 

I love seeing June and Kai together. They are so sweet together.

Funny story: that little stuffed Elmo is the surprising favorite so far. She just loves that little guy.

Before June went to sleep (in her I Heart Santa pajamas), we set out some milk and cookies and carrots.

She was able to pose for a few minutes before the temptation of cookies was just too great. She sort of tried to sneak the cookies as if we all (with our cameras pointed directly at her) wouldn't notice if she just mmaaaayyybbeee snuck a bite or two.

With a kiss and a "Merry Christmas" and a promise that Santa was coming, we set her down for sleep. And then the adults proceeded to have a merry Christmas Eve.

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