Thursday, November 8, 2012

What She Learns When We're Not Around

One fact of sending your kid to daycare is that they learn things there that they didn't learn from you.

In this, parenting is like a treasure hunt because you learn new things in unexpected moments, but also like a treasure hunt where half of the treasures are explosive or embarrassing items because not all of these newly-learned items are positive.

Example, Positive:

Michael: "Okay, I'm going to lay out the cards, are you ready?"
June: "I'm ready."
Michael: " can say that you're ready?"
June: "Ready."

Example, Negative:

June: "Waffle, bite!"
Michael rips off a piece of the english muffin and hands to her. She starts crying, grabs the piece of the muffin and the remaining muffin and tries to put them back together.
June: "All mine waffle!"
June proceeds to eat the entire muffin while Michael wonders where she learned this "all mine" business.

Example, Positive:

Starting to sing a song you've never sung to June before, like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and having her start doing the hand motions on her own.

Example, Negative:

When June repeatedly asks me to sing the "Da Da Da" song and gets angry when I don't know which one she's talking about. I ask her to sing it so I can guess, but she just sings "Da Da Da" and not exactly on-key, if you know what I'm saying. (By the way, I later learned from school that she means the Addams Family song. They have a little toy ghost that dances to the song and apparently June can't get enough.)

Example, Positive:

She mysteriously loves spiders. She likes to hug them, she likes to pet them, she likes to point them out to others. Mind you, this normally occurs in the context of stuffed spiders and Halloween decor. Not sure what her reaction will be to actual spiders. 

Things We Don't Know Where They Were Learned:

- Being afraid of dogs (when they are within arm's reach)

- Being afraid of balls larger than soccer balls ("No! No big ball!")

- Pole dancing? Read on...

Every time we do this one loop in our neighborhood, we pass this stop sign. And almost every time we do, June walks over to it, grabs the pole and starts dancing. Sometimes she'll make her own music, humming a little tune. I'm....not sure what she's doing, or where she learned it. She certainly hasn't been watching any pole dancing at home, and I have a hard time believing they're showing this type of thing at school. So ... this one is still a question mark.

(By the way, this picture was taken a full four days after Halloween. After spotting her strawberry costume in the closet, she wanted it, and she wanted it bad. I'm thinking she was remembering when Vivi and I took her on a walk with it on and we went around to a few neighbors houses and she got to pick out small, shiny packages out of buckets and hold them in her tiny, hot fists until they were squishy. So instead of arguing, I slipped her costume on and headed out the door. So now I had a costumed baby dancing with a pole. On November 4. Sigh.)

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