Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tiny Einy

Einstein passed away today. I started writing that he was my parents' dog, but that seemed so far removed from me. When we first got Einstein, I must have been around 12 years old and he was just a young pup named Zorg. He was around for a lot of my growing-up, and now it's hard to imagine him not being around.

Let's be honest here, he wasn't exactly an Angel dog. He was the one that would take a spot on the bed and threaten you with growls if you tried to displace him. (Oven mitts have even been employed to move him from one spot to another.) He's had the muzzle put on him from time to time. Any time you'd give him a treat, he'd think you were poisoning him and wouldn't eat it until he was absolutely sure. He once peed on our other dog, DJ, which was the saddest thing I've ever seen, so I'm still not sure why I laughed until I cried. 

But Einstein was a good dog, when he wasn't being a naughty dog. He wasn't particularly cuddly in his younger years, but I remember him snuggling with me all day when I stayed home from school sick one day.

He was so playful and spirited and would wrestle The Hand as if he were battling the forces of evil.

He developed this trick of throwing himself against your chest so you would pity him and pet him. It was so endearing, so pathetic, that you would think that you were the only thing on this planet that mattered to him, and dear Lord in Heaven, won't you please have a heart and pet him?? And as soon as you'd stop, after he'd try to re-engage you, he would cross the room and try it on another potential petter.

I'm sorry for my mom especially, because however much I loved Einstein, I know she loved him even more. He was her companion and little buddy. So much so that June (and Kai, if I remember correctly) would associate Mom with Einstein, and ask for him when she was around.

Due to his tendency toward impatience when he was younger, I was a little nervous with June around him at the start. But he was so gentle and tolerant of her, even with her flailing arms and shrieking cries.

He was a part of our family, a very loved part of our family. And we'll all miss that little guy.


  1. Julie, thank you for blogging about little Einstein. I have been grieving all week. He was my faithful companion. You captured him well in your writings. He was both naughty and wonderful. He definitely had personality with his hugging you for a pet and his snaggletooth. Every time I turn around I expect him to be following me around the house. I miss his bark when I come home. I miss his snuggling with me at night. Thank you for remembering him so lovingly and humorously. May he meet us all at the pearly gates in heaven.

  2. Jules: thank you so much for putting into writing what we all know and felt about that little poodle. His heart, that was so big in loving us all unquestioningly, finally gave out....and we lost a great companion. He and his brother, DJ, are both getting their ears scratched in Heaven! Love, Dad