Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

June had a little Thanksgiving feast at school the other day. Since her daycare is so close to home and not particularly close to our work, it's been hard for Michael and I to get there for her funny little school events. Like the Halloween parade. And the Feast. I got a little down about it, but one of the teachers said that the kids whose parents come seem to enjoy it all the least since they're so thrown off by their parents hanging around at school, throwing a wrench in the routine. 

Anyway, one of the lovely ladies at the front desk sent me this picture. I sent it to Michael immediately because Turkey Hat. Enough said.

I thought about how sometimes it hurts how much I love her. Why won't she just...let me smother her with hugs and kisses every single moment of the day? And how lucky am I to have that? And to have so much? To have a dad who gives you advice any hour of the day you call, and good, even-tempered advice to counteract your hotheadedness? Or a mom who - now that I've reached a certain age - I can tell dirty jokes to and we'll laugh until we have tears in our eyes? To have a brother that you feel like you just get closer to with age? And a nephew with a good and gentle soul? To have in-laws that you love and genuinely want to be around, and who want to be around you? And a husband who makes the pies every year, even on nights when he had to work a game late?

And then I saw a full-grown man in Trader Joe's wearing a hat that looked like a full-cooked turkey while I was eating my sample, and then I turned a corner and was given another sample of pie and I just started crying because Turkey Hat. And pie.

And even when other things are tumultuous, or it seems like everything else is tumultuous, I still have these people, and people are the core of life anyway.

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