Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Gratitude

Well, it's that time...finally. I know I'm not the only person who will be so very glad when this election is over.

Before I could check Facebook, before I could hear any speculation on talk radio, before I could read the news, I was filled with such a sense of camaraderie toward my fellow Americans this morning. I went out for lunch and there was a man wearing an American flag tee-shirt with the Constitution across the back, and I liked him so much.

This morning something popped up into my Google Reader feed. It was pictures from Syria, gruesome pictures of the rebellion happening there. There were images - sad, bloody images of what has become of that country. (If you're interested, the link is HERE)

Can I just take a moment and say that no matter what the outcome is in this election, whether we have results tonight or a month from now, I am grateful to live in a country like ours. As a friend of mine commented on Facebook today, ours is a country that transfers power peacefully. I don't fear being killed for the way I voted. I don't fear being murdered if I protest the government or if I blog about disappointment in leadership. I'm not afraid of being killed by a sniper while walking across the street or having my house destroyed by government-deployed bombs.

No matter which presidential candidate wins, I can rely on the fact that these things won't change. 

I was proud to vote because I can. It is the one sure, easy way that I can have a voice (no matter how faint it may be) in how my government is run. Which is a lot more than many people - women in particular - have on this planet.

I'm grateful today, no matter what.

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