Sunday, November 18, 2012

18 Months! (sort of)

By the time we realized we were a week or two late on June's 18 month well-baby checkup at the pediatrician's office, she was already heading in for diagnosis and treatment of croup and a double ear infection. Wellness being established as non-existant, her checkup really occurred at past her 19 month.

Our June the Bug weighs 28 lbs (90th percentile) and is 32" high (50th percentile).

Our doctor was really happy with her development and some of the little anecdotal stories I told.

I like these visits because it gives me a chance to ask simple questions and hopefully get a more straight-forward answer than simply Googling the issue brings. ("When should we start potty training" and "When should we put a blanket in her crib?" were the questions du jour.)

She got a couple vaccines, poor thing. Every time something unpleasant happens at the doctor's office (vaccines, getting ears checked while infected), she cries and intermittently woefully asks "All done?" I'm always so relieved when she is, in fact, all done so I can reply "Yes, yes, you're all done. Let's go to the park."

Strangely all of her first molars have grown in before her canines. So she has all of those front teeth, a big gap and then molars. Unless she's a secret vampire baby and they just retract when she's not feeding.

Some of her newest favorite things include:

  • Eskimo kisses (to mommy and daddy and stuffed animals)
  • Kissing mommy or daddy to wake them from their pretend sleep
  • Saying "Knock knock who's there?"
  • Going into private locations to go to the bathroom. Closets, the pantry, the bathroom, you name it. She wants her privacy. If you ask her if she's pooping she will vehemently deny it, contrary to the olfactory evidence. Sometimes she goes and stand by the (adult) potty 
  • Having strangely good subject-verb pairing. ("I push!" instead of "Me push") 
  • Mimicking everything. From Michael drumming on the table to me dancing to us pretending to snore  to blowing belly busters)
  • Referring to herself as "Junie"

She makes the following face every so often. It makes me laugh every time, especially if it is accompanied by whispered excitement. "Momocyl!" she'll whisper as we hear a motorcycle rev past.

I know I'm just a bit biased, but I marvel every day at how sweet and funny and smart she is.

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  1. I love your posts on June's most recent accomplishments. She is a wonder! She is s smart and so aware of everything around her. I can't wait to see her on Thanksgiving :-)
    Love you all, Mom