Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Those Blinds Are Curtains

That was an attempt at a pun with the whole "curtains" = gone/no more/outta here, but I don't think it worked very well. And I heard once that puns were the lowest form of humor. I don't think so. Bathroom humor HAS to be lower than puns. Puns are wordplay and words are for smart people, right? I'm ... losing where I was going with this blog post.

Michael and I got to a point where we hated the blinds that came with our huge sliding glass doors. They had to go. So go they did. 



We...definitely like the idea. Not sure if we're going to stick with these exact curtains (from Ikea). I love the textured under-layer that lets light in while still giving a veil of privacy. The thicker, outer curtains just need something else. When they are pulled out it sort of looks like we have bed sheets hanging or something.

I've got another project in the works that will bring some color to the room, so maybe we'll tie that in somehow.

Anyway, I love the two-layer approach. I was telling Michael about my vision, and thinking of ways I could build a contraption to allow me to have two separate curtains hanging independent of each other. Then Michael says, "They sell those." Ugh, my awesome inventions are always already manufactured. My feelings of creativity diminish by the week.

Thanks to Michael for getting these set up!

And to our JuneHelper. She steadied the ladder for us.

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  1. Smart. Glad you got those windows dealt with easily. These things can be such aesthetic dilemmas because they're what greet you from both outside and inside a room. They are difficult to escape from. And then, the remedy would be so simple, it's stupefying. But at least you have dealt with that error, since there's no way a blinder can work in a sliding door, haha. Good job with that!

    Roxie @ Allure