Monday, October 1, 2012


In the past few weeks, JP has gotten the chance to do what few others before him have done...he has attended both the real German Oktoberfest and the second-best Fountain Hills Oktoberfest. Within days of returning from his European vacation, I set about hanging out with him and Kai and Michael suggested the festival held at the Fountain Hills park.

June got all dressed up to go, including her pigtails, which is her favorite way to have her hair done these days. 

We made the mistake of telling June she was going to see her cousin Kai. She doesn't really get the concept of delayed gratification and therefore sadly called out to Kai half the way there. It was worth it, though, to see how happy she was to finally see him. And to watch them hug the roughly 2,000 times they did that night.

The weather was perfect. The sun had gone down and coolness creeped up from the grass below.  

Soon after arriving we got beer and German food and set out the blanket to enjoy the surroundings. There was music, dancing, competitions and a wiener dog race.

Kai loved dancing to get June to dance, and June loved doing whatever Kai was doing:

Seriously, that is a mental snapshot for my memory book. JP and Michael were off getting food and I was sitting on that blanket watching June and Kai dance and run around, June plopping down and laughing because the grade of the hill was throwing her off balance...I was so content in that moment and for the rest of the night afterward.

Kai got to finish the night by jumping in all of the bounce house games while June walked her dad through the crowd.

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  1. My heart is so full after reading this post. I loved all the pictures of my beautiful kids and grandchilden! I miss you all so much. June's pigtails make me smile. She is such a sweetie. I love seeing how much Kai and June love each other. He is SUCH a good cousin to June. I obviously have the best grandkids ever! I miss you all but will see you soon. I hope we can get together when I get back. Miss you all so much.