Friday, October 26, 2012

Life According to My Phone

A lot of things going on these days!

My in-laws are in town and June was able to stay home from school with her Grammy and Papaw Fred!

I have a seemingly never-ending DIY project in the works in the garage that will hopefully be done in the next year or so.

A lot of changes happening at work.

A lot of new developments for June, including opening doors, saying "bless you" and being afraid of dogs.

June fell down while playing outside at school and scraped her head, poor thing.

Tonight I held June a little longer than usual when putting her down for the night. I'd read a heart-breaking story in the news. (I won't share details, so much am I disturbed, but it's the case of the mom and the nanny and the two kids in NYC.) Anyway, I just needed to hold her a little tighter and let her know how much I loved her just then. And when I finally set her down in her favorite corner of the crib, she suddenly grabbed my wrist and held it with her baby grip firm. And I left my hand there, me giving her comfort, her giving me comfort, until she eventually let go and rolled onto her side. I think she was trying to let me know how much she loved me just then.

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