Sunday, October 7, 2012

June version 1.5

June at 18 months is such a fun, energetic little creature.

(June also enjoys taking things, which is why all of the pictures in this post are iPhone pictures. Our digital camera with the awesomely huge memory card - with pictures all the way back from our honeymoon - is missing. I am desperately hoping that we will someday find it hidden in a shoe or in a rarely-used drawer and I will get all of those images back. I'm trying not to picture it having been thrown away - another of June's favorite things to do - and now laying in a dump somewhere.)

She's become a little more picky as an eater. She could eat yogurt, carbs and fruit until the cows come home (who couldn't, now that I think of it?) but veggies and protein are becoming less appealing to her. We're still packing her meals for school. It's starting to be a drag.

She's talkative and silly. She has a lot of words and understands pairings. So she'll say "blue car" and "big dog" and "stinky June." Actually, she more often says "yucky June" and I have to correct her and say that it's the poopoo that's yucky, not June, and then she just says "yucky poopoo June."

She's also said "stinky Mama," so now I'm not sure if she is actually saying "silly" or if I am in fact stinky.

Her talking leads to really cute outcomes. Like when she points to the bigger duck and says "Mama duck" and I ask who the smaller duck is and she says "June." Heart-melting. Or when she says something with such an earnest face, like "buh-bye book," and I think she's saying she doesn't want a book, but it turns out she's asking to read the butterfly book and when I finally get it she is so relieved and happy.

We met a dog named Coco on a walk and she would randomly mutter "bye Coco" to herself for a half and hour after that.

When her dad gets home we hear the garage door open and she turns to me with wide eyes and whispers, "Dada! Dada!"

She has tantrums. She'll see my shoes and want to go on a walk and will woefully cry and follow me around carrying my shoes. Those times are cute. The times where she just says a spiteful "no!" to everything and swats at the offered item aren't quite as cute.

She also laughs a lot, and has started this thing where she squeals and covers up her eyes like she just can't handle how funny the world is.

All she wants to do is go on walks and "go outside?" This weekend we've gone on four. You will be asked to go on a walk if you put on shoes, stand near any door to the outside world, start putting items together in the kitchen, if you hold shoes, if she sees shoes, if you step outside or if you say the words "outside" or "walk." Thank goodness it's getting so much nicer outside, especially in the mornings. She says "all done walk" when she's had enough but "no home" when she senses we're headed there too early.

When we go to get her up in the morning, she's just so happy and funny. She does this thing for about five minutes where she makes us laugh, rolling around wrestling Puppy, bouncing on her mattress or crawling from one side to another and then splatting on her tummy, and I have to make surprised remarks like, "I guess June is still sleeping!" and she has to giggle and roll over and reveal that she's not.

And she'll even hold still long enough for me to snuggle her sometimes. It's usually right before bed, or when I hold her and nuzzle her neck while she squeals and giggles, or when I ask for a hug and she allows it by coming over and resting her head on my shoulder. Those are the small moments that occur between the large expanses of chasing her around the house and the neighborhood. But when I tell her that I love her and then ask if she loves me, she nods and grins and gives me a kiss, and it's worth all the chasing.


  1. I've never thought June looked much like M until pictorial numero two!

    SHE IS OUT OF CONTROL ADORABLE, let's just get that out of the way right now.

  2. and June, not many people can pull off the dress/sneakers look. You KILL it.