Friday, October 19, 2012

Four Years

It's been four years since Michael and I said "I do." (Technically it's been four years and a day. Man, I really wanted to post this yesterday but never got the time to come in and complete it.)

Four years. Three residences. Two job changes. One baby.

And this has been the first full year of marriage where we've been parents!


All the good stuff is in the card this year, but I'd like to make an addition. Thank you for loving me steadily and unconditionally. (Whenever I get to that place in "You Are My I Love You" that says, "I am your quiet place, you are my wild" I think of you and me...except, you know, opposite.) Thank you for forgiving the silly things I do, like spray painting in the garage and leaving all my shoes by the door. (Though I'd like it noted that June brings some of those out from the closet when she wants to go on a walk.)

Thanks for showing you love me in so many different ways. Like getting the license plate that allows us to drive in the carpool lane, then setting up a system where we'd switch cars each month so both could benefit from the lane, but then never actually claiming your month to drive the Prius. And understanding that tense moments on TV call for me coming over and having physical contact with you, such as The Walking Dead or Presidential debates.

I love you. And I will still need you, I will still feed you, when you're sixty-four.


I hope you don't mind if I link to the post (right here) I wrote las year for our anniversary. It was a simple little poem that I re-read and realize that I feel it just as much this year. 

We did such a romantic thing this year - we went back to CopperWynd for dinner! It's the spot we got engaged AND married. We sat out on the patio, along the path we all walked down to get to the ceremony. (Basically exactly where Dad and I are standing here:)

It was beautiful, lovely, romantic, fun. My parents even surprised us by sending a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate with! (Thanks again, Mom and Dad!)

And then we decided to go for a stroll, just like we did the evening we got engaged. We went through a little gate with this mechanism on it that I thought was just a child lock. We didn't even spend five minutes in that particular pool/garden area and we turned around to head back. It wasn't just a child lock, it was a human lock. There must have been some kind of timer set up to lock the gates at precisely 9:22 pm because we suddenly could not get out of the area.

Which led to the inevitable - climbing the fence.

Originally it was just Michael to see if he could get a better handle on the lock. When that proved fruitless, over the fence I a maxi dress. Sure, I tied it up around my legs to provide more fluidity of movement, but I've had run-ins with stucco walls before, so this was no laughing matter.

...Except I laughed the whole time. Which is just how an anniversary should be, I think. And a marriage. That too.

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  1. I love your love story! And it keeps getting better! I'm so glad you were able to recreate, remember and make more memories at Copperwynd Resort. It's so beautiful there. Love you both!