Friday, October 12, 2012

Finger Food

Since Michael was out of town, our little routines were a little set asunder while he was gone. 

A prime example of this is the morning ritual. It's not rigid by any means, but normally one of us sits at the table with June while she eats her breakfast. We'll switch off, the other person meandering around putting their lunch together or getting June's bag ready to go. When Michael was gone, I had to do all of this on my own. Which meant that June ate alone at the table. 

Which didn't always go according to plan. 

June does use a spoon, you see. She isn't the most accurate but she gets it in her mouth, and if we give her enough time, she can finish a whole cup on her own. This particular morning, however, sometime when I was toasting an English muffin or packing a bag, June abandoned her spoon and decided to dive in. 

I sent Michael a montage of these images with the caption:

"Spoons? Where we're going, we don't need spoons."

If you're wondering, yes, that is yogurt in her eyebrow. And yes, she gets it from her mom.

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  1. Ahhhh, yes, I see the marked resemblance.....I am hoping that your mother still has the photographs, either of you eating the birthday cake or the spaghetti?! Truly memorable and remarkably like the lil' Junebug (and yes, that was cake icing / spaghetti sauce in her eyebrow!!!!) Love always, AD