Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Festival with Family

On Saturday we gathered the troops and headed out to Schnepf Farms to celebrate autumn!

Seems fitting that there was a big open spot in the middle of our group picture - it's where my dad would have been if he'd been in town.  

Because it doesn't make sense to only get use of a costume on one day, I decided it would be fun to have June wear her costume at the Farm. It resulted in a lot of cute pictures (before it got too warm and had to come off), so I hope you'll humor me and allow me to go overboard.

As usual, June lit up upon seeing and being able to spend time with her cousin.

But she was also glad to be able to see her Grammy, Papaw Fred, Vivi and Uncle JP ("baypee").

 (Notice that Kai is "Junior" and June is "Jose")

June loves pumpkins. She wants to pick them up, sit on them, lay on top of them, call them "big pumpkin" and "baby pumpkin"...

 ... so basically she was in heaven.

We tried to fit in as much as we could before June's inevitable need for a nap. We played on the playground, saw the petting zoo and jumped on the big inflated domes:

Rode the rides:

And saw the pig races:

We finished the afternoon by taking a ride on the train around the Farm.

I couldn't help taking a picture of the following moment. I told Kai that June got scared going through the tunnel so he could hold her hand to let her know she was safe. He reached down and held her hand and kept it the rest of the way. Nearly broke my heart from cuteness.

We were all pretty tired after our afternoon in the sun, but we had such a good time and loved celebrating a Fall Festival right before Halloween.

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