Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Bites

June's daycare has gotten a little too Twilighty for my liking lately. In that, she's getting bit like no one's business.

She's been bit four times total. The first one was the worst, and it left a mark that still hasn't gone away weeks later. The next three happened within days of each other and left me feeling pretty frustrated and helpless.

The first two times were observed by staff and when I asked who had bit her, they replied that they couldn't tell me. I think they're worried that I would challenge the biters and/or their parents to a duel in the parking lot. (THEY WERE RIGHT. "Get out here, Ethan, June's Mommy's about to throw down!")

The second two times, the bite just showed up, June didn't cry or fuss and the staff didn't witness it (??) so they guessed that they were self-inflicted. I casually asked how June would have managed to bite the back of her own elbow.

When the staff asked June who bit her, she would just point to the bite mark and solemnly say, "Bite-ee. Bite-ee." Which she did for me later when I asked about it, and then she asked, "Pray tell, why are you sobbing, Mama?" (Actually, her strange new habit is to call me Mah-gee. I have no idea where it's coming from.)

Besides, you can clearly see that this child has canines - as evidenced by the six individual tooth marks on both top and bottom. You better bet that I went in the next day looking for who had canines in the classrooms. ("So help me, Sarah, smile for June's Mommy! Molars, huh? I didn't realize we had some overachievers in this class!")

I asked questions. No, June wasn't biting them first or doing anything to provoke attacks. The first two bites were not committed by the same person. No one else in the classroom is getting bit. I was told that some of the kids have a sort of fascination with June and follow her around and touch her a lot...which makes her get mad sometimes, and I don't blame her.


That's that.

She's being moved up to the next classroom a few weeks early to get her out of the Chomp Zone and into the relative safety of Toddlers with Even More Teeth. Hopefully as an underclassman she'll blend into the furnishings and be safe.

SAFER THAN ETHAN'S PARENTS AT LEAST. (Sarah, you're free to go.)


  1. That's AWFUL! seriously, that would bug me big time. good for you for moving her up.

  2. I had no idea that this sort of thing happens! How terrible! Poor June and poor you :( It makes you sort of want to resort to planting a tiny camera on her to see who the culprit is... Perhaps disguise one in a seemingly harmless bow?