Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Family that Ails

Would you rather your child be sick, so you can dote on her and take care of her and hold her while she feels ill? Or would you rather be the sick one, so only you really suffer but you'd still need to take care of your healthy child?

Our family got to experience both of these in the past week.

Poor June was exhausted-sick on Sunday. She fussed all morning, slept in the car on the way home, fell asleep in my arms multiple times and basically slept all day. She and I traded roles eventually, causing me to take a day off work. I can't remember the time I literally slept ALL. DAY. I'm a little disappointed, to be honest. I think of sick days and think of catching up on the DVR and relaxing on the couch and eating soup and reading a book. Not waking up at noon to get some form of sustenance and then fall asleep 'til your husband comes home with the baby. 

My family is the greatest. 

First, there's my husband, who let me nap on Monday while he played with June, and took care of basically all the food and cleaning.

Then there're my parents, who came to visit us when we didn't want to tempt fate by leaving the house. We had a party on the ground, with June handing out all of her dolls so the four of us adults could make them all dance. They live their lives by the "We make plans, God laughs" motto, so they didn't even mind that we bailed on the weekend plans to get June back to her breathing treatment machine.

There's my adorable nephew, Kai, too. He's just such a sweetie. JP must be doing something right. Because Kai shares and is happy to try to get June to understand his rules ("No! The chapstick is the rocket launcher!"). But if she knocks down his Lego tower, he's patient and understands that "she's just a baby." He runs around the house so she chases him, then makes the rule that "whoever comes in last wins" so she can win sometimes too.

He sings the Junebug song to cheer her up when she's crying, and when we were packing up the car to leave for the weekend, he leaned over and gave June a hug and said "I hope you feel better, June," with no one having told him to say that.

He'll ask me to take a picture of him, and when I show it to him and ask how he likes it, he says, "I like it! It's cute!"

I love this little guy. And my whole family, who help me out when I need it the most.

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