Sunday, September 9, 2012

Personality Shorts

Since June makes me laugh so much, here is a list of some little incidents of her personality coming out:

  • At school they sometimes line the kids up and have them "race to the finish!"across the room/playground. When they do this, the teacher counts down and says "go!" to release their tiny speed. June can't exactly count down, so sometimes she'll go stand against a wall, stand very still, then say, "go, go, GO!" and run across the room. The first time it happened I had no idea what was going it makes me laugh, especially when she does it over and over.

  • She loves to dance. She dances all the time at home and likes to make her dolls dance too. We get notes from daycare that says, "I can always count on June to dance with me at dance time!" I guess sometimes she's the only child who is interested in dancing.

  • She's gaining some sense of fear. She used to love all dogs, would go running up to a German Shepherd and pet it and we'd have to chase after her and remind her to be gentle. She's become a little afraid now. Even at the pet store, with puppies safely behind glass, she'll get upset if they're too rambunctious, saying a concerned "no," while shaking her head and walking away.

  • Her new thing is to give kisses on peoples' noses. She thinks it's so funny that even if she's not in a really affectionate mood, we can ask her for a kiss on the nose and she'll usually grant it. 

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