Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A few weeks ago (months? Does time have any rules AT ALL once you have children??) June started booping us.

I think she picked it up from Michael, who sometimes boops her on the nose and says, “boop!” and sometimes I boop her on the belly button and say, “boop!” Well, in traditional June fashion, she has seen our nose-and-belly-button booping and raised us far stranger body locations to boop.

Sure, she will poke us on the nose and say, “boop,” sometimes during but sometimes a few seconds too late. She booped Michael on his nipple one time and he laughed so hard that she tried to do it to me. She got mad until I let her pull my shirt up and boop me on the nip. My fellow shoppers at Target didn’t find it as amusing as I did.


(They totally found it amusing.)

She boops me on The Belly Mole. Sometimes she boops excitedly, sometimes her boops are more low-key.

The other night I was putting June to sleep in our normal style. I was holding her while I sang a song and rocking back and forth. She had rested her head on my shoulder, had nuzzled into my neck, had her little koala arms wrapped around my shoulders, gripping the sleeves of my shirt. Suddenly she picked her head up. She pulled her hand to her mouth and removed the Binks. With her other hand, she poked me in The Neck Mole and said very sleepily, “boop.”

Then she put her Binks back in her mouth, set her head back on my shoulder and let me finish my song, voice shaking from suppressed laughter.

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