Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Savage Visit

Our good friends Amy and Erik came to visit over the weekend. They came all the way from Seattle to spend some time with us and then head to Las Vegas for the remainder of their vacation. 

Amy and Erik are a special kind of people. 

The weekend didn't go exactly as planned. June got sick early on, meaning she wasn't her normal self and was very fussy. She spent Sunday morning refusing to eat, crying and falling asleep in my arms. As a result, we cancelled some of our well-laid plans and headed back home from visiting my parents in Fountain Hills. 

A few times, riddled by guilt at having them spend their vacation listening to a crying baby, I offered them a menu of choices of other things they could go out to do. ("The mall will have significantly less screaming than here, really, you should enjoy yourselves...") They loyally stuck beside us insisting that they came to Arizona to spend time with us, no matter the circumstances. Seriously good people here, these Savages.

We did manage some time out of the house. The whole family went out to dinner (minus Michael, who had a work event):

And Mom and Dad watched June and Kai while we went out for some drinks:

These two were so great. And totally good sports, too. "So, Amy, are you guys thinking of having childre...MICHAEL, JUNE'S GAGGING AGAIN...you were saying, Erik? You'll have to raise your voice above the screaming! I promise we don't usually use the phone to distract her but I'm afraid that Mommy needs to step away for some special time to stare off into the distance and shudder."

Monday morning came with bagels and coffee, and these two headed off in style!

Amy and Erik, thanks so much for visiting us. You two are special people who are very dear to us.

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