Monday, August 13, 2012

Outing on Par

When you live in Arizona and it's 115 degrees outside, you sometimes spend an hour or so just wasting time in a store simply because it's air conditioned. We like to get June out of the house, but since it's impossible to be outside, we sometimes find ourselves killing time at places like...the golf store. 

Michael got to practice his putting and June enjoyed retrieving his ball. 

Once she got ahold of a club, game over! She didn't want to let go and walked around with it for thirty minutes.

Her Dad and Papa John will have her out for a round of 9 holes any day!

She only traded in her full-size club when we found her one that was more her size. She really got a kick out of hitting the balls in the hole.

We certainly won't be getting awards for the most glamorous outings with June, but I once read that you should spend twice as much time with your children and half as much money. I think June only cared that we let her play and explore and didn't mind at all that we used her as a ball retriever.

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  1. Looks like we almost have two foursomes for golf!!! Me, you, Michael, John, JP, Kai and June! Loved, loved, loved the pictures. Keep it up, she'll be golfing and beating ViVi in no time!