Sunday, August 12, 2012

In Our Shoes

June's newest thing is putting our shoes on. 
Whenever she comes across an abandoned pair of shoes, she slips her feet into them and tries to shuffle around the room.
 This makes it a little difficult when you need to put them on for work and you ask her nicely and she gives an enthusiastic "No," while shaking her head and shuffling away.
 No shoes are spared, from a pair of flip flops (she'll hook her foot under one of the straps) to my new pair of running sneaks.
 I used to crawl around behind her, afraid of her toppling over and hurting herself. But it turns out she's pretty sure-footed, even though the shoes are about half her body length.
It makes me laugh, especially when she'll fuss over getting them in the correct location for her to put her feet into, all while muttering "Shoo, shoo, shoo."

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