Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Climbing Tandem

I think the most impressive part of the Children's Museum of Phoenix is the huge room you see when you first walk in. It's a three-story climbing structure made out of industrial materials. Think a McDonald's Playhouse made from wood and I-beams and wire net, but it also has whimsical things like a giant bathtub and suspended fish made out of milk cartons and a dog house. In other words, awesomeness. 

There's this one area that we've always managed to avoid - not on purpose, we just didn't end up wandering over to that side of the structure. It has five or six levels of crawl space where the only way through is down through little holes in the ground. Feeling adventurous and like a kid myself, I told Michael that I was taking June down that way. He laughed and took my phone to snap some pictures.

Turns out the small crawl space is a very small crawl space. 

Which might be why there were no other adults to be found in the thing. Claustrophobes be warned: once you're in, there is no way out but onward and downward.

Back and forth we went, me crawling ahead and June coming up behind, waiting for me to lower myself to the next level and then her behind me.

By the time we reached the bottom, I was sweating and June wasn't particularly impressed. I did a dance and cheered and tried to give June a high five but she had already charged on to the vacuum wall. Oh well.

Sometimes I wonder if she minds having such a silly mom.



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