Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bullhead and Laughlin

I went to Bullhead City for a few days this week for work. BHC is right on the Colorado River with Laughlin, Nevada right over a bridge. So while I'd work each day in Arizona, I'd got back to my hotel in Nevada each night.

Laughlin is a casino town. If Reno is Vegas' little sister, Laughlin is like the distant, less-advantaged cousin. It has a distinctly old Vegas feel to it. A lot of gold plate, loud carpet, low ceilings and lots and lots of smoking. 

And it's kind of funny/depressing, because Laughlin's side of the river is packed with large themed hotels but the Bullhead City side is pretty empty and downtrodden. 

I had a great time. The work was good and I really got to enjoy the town after hours. A coworker and I had dinner, walked around the riverside, sat at the casino bars and got comped drinks while we gambled on the machines. 

I missed Michael and June a lot, which made the 4.5 hour drive home seem even longer. I was able to enjoy it though, driving through a vast desert listening to Johnny Cash and stopping for lunch at a tiny local barbecue joint.

And the kisses once I got home...those were the best of all.

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  1. It is good to get away, but coming home is always the best part:)