Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Well-Lit Apocalypse

When I saw make-your-own survival candles on Pinterest, I thought, "Now there is some emergency preparedness that I can get on board with!" I imagine I'll try to get on top of canned goods and first aid soon, but this project was a little more fun than a trip to Costco. Instead of posting each step, I'll give the direct link since it covers the process thoroughly.

On the day I found the Pinterest link, I announced to Michael that we would thereon out save all glass jars and within a few months I had ten lined up in my pantry. I ordered all the other materials on Amazon and then got to work during June's nap time. 

My 5 lb bag of soy wax made 4.5 large candles. I'm not quite ready to survive the apocalypse but we're getting there.

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