Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunset Sail

One of my favorite memories from our trip to Delaware was the boat ride we took on our first evening there. One of my parents' friends, Tom, took the whole family out on his boat so we could catch the sunset at sea. 

When first cruising down the canal toward the open bay, you have to go slow (a no wake zone), and I loved it. I sat on the edge of the boat and dipped my toes into the chilly water. Cracked open a beer. Pointed out different things to June.

We bought a little life vest and made her wear it the whole time. I'm sure it wasn't the most comfortable thing for her, but I wasn't taking any chances.

Is there any better feeling that sitting at the bow of boat as it speeds through the water, nothing in front of you but water?

We slowed down again to watch all of the dolphins swimming around us. There were so many! And we got to get pretty close. June was so excited pointing to them and making excited noises.

Tom, my Dad and Michael, each of whom took a turn behind the wheel. (The wheel? The...mast? The steering column?) I asked Tom if we should call him "Captain" or "Cappy" and it sort of stuck. So when we saw Tom later that week, we asked June where Cappy was and she pointed right to Tom. It was adorable and I think Tom really liked it.

Such a wonderful, relaxing, amazing evening. A really great start to our trip.

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