Friday, July 13, 2012

One Night in Flag

When I was assigned to head to Flagstaff for an overnight work trip, I have to admit that I got a little more excited than would be considered normal. Was there work to be done? Sure. Would most of my time be spent indoors in front of computers? Yeah. But I was so glad to get back to Flag. The weather, the culture, the campus I belonged to for two years.

So every moment that I wasn't at work, I was outside walking around campus or the little downtown and parks. Just to simply be outside was a pleasure when you normally can't spend more than 10 minutes outdoors without succumbing to heat exhaustion. At one point I even felt a bit chilly...I know.

I mean, you all know me by now. You must know how I felt. I was sitting outside with an overcast sky overhead. Live music was playing - some mix of folk and blue grass - and I was watching little kids dance and enjoy without the responsibility of making sure they didn't fall down the steps. I treated myself to a peanut butter bucket from a little local sweet shop and then melted into the pavement from sheer contentedness.

I had breakfast at a cute local place called Macy's the next morning before I was due in the office. I am apparently not quite granola enough for Flag because I was shunned for even asking if they had vanilla syrup. Not wanting to further shame myself, I took my coffee and scone and walked around NAU campus. 

I just have very strong feelings about red stone buildings. Positive feelings.

At the end of the day, was my business trip successful, beneficial? Sure. But I think what we all really took from the experience was that Michael, June and I need to go there stat this summer. STAT.

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