Sunday, July 1, 2012

Morning Beach

Ahoy from Delaware! We had a great voyage here, though long, and we are so psyched to be here for a week! I absolutely love my parents' location in this little town so close to the beach.

We decided to waste no time and head immediately toward the sound of the ocean this morning. Though it's within walking distance, we packed up the car with chairs and coolers and toys.

June LOVED the ocean. She kept wanting to wade further and further, but there was a sandbar, so it was still only waist-high. She had such a good time.

It was definitely one of those qualifying moments where I felt like a true mom. Something about spreading sunscreen over sandy skin and pouring water over sandy grapes...

Speaking of, you heard it here first! I'm inventing a booth where you put your child in naked and it sprays them with sunscreen and is somehow portable and doesn't get in their eyes and is SPF 1000. Patent pending.

June's napping, UEFA is on, the water of the canal rocks the boats gently and our vacation is off to a great start.

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  1. We had such a great time with you guys at the beach! When John and I go to the beach we go at sunset to walk. It was so much fun to go wtih chairs, relax, people watch, June watch and have a great excuse to build sandcastles!!!! It was great! We miss you guys already! Thanks for vacationing at the shore!