Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Confessions

Confession One:

The raspberries in the office fridge that are growing mold might be mine. I don’t throw them out because they might not be mine and I wouldn’t want to throw someone else’s food away. Even if it had mold on it. Because you never know if someone is experimenting with fermentation.

Confession Two:

I think I’m getting more and more socially awkward as time goes one. Earlier this week I thanked a person as I held open the door for him? Was I thanking him for allowing me to hold open the door for him? Did he think I was making a snarky comment about what he should have been saying to me? Is that what I was doing? These are the questions I asked myself for thirty minutes after I got back to my desk.

Confession Three:

After not getting my eyes checked out for three years, I can now definitively say that it is worse than going to the dentist. The series of tests they put you through are so uncomfortable, the horrible anticipation of knowing a puff of air is coming at your pupil soon, staring into bright machines to hit a button when you see a squiggly mark. Turns out I put eye technicians up there on the list of authority figures in my mind because suddenly I’m worried that I’m not passing the test and I think I missed that one squiggly, should I hit the button now to indicate anyway…or will they think I’m seeing things that aren’t there? Maybe I should tell her that I know I missed one, so she knows I know she knows? Or ask for a do-over because I know that wasn’t my best effort?

I guess what I can take from all of these confessions is that I have an anxiety disorder of some kind and/or should stop consuming caffeine.


  1. Hahaha. I am the same exact way with the eye exams. I always stress out about missing a squiggly.

  2. Confession two really hits home with me. The exact same progression of thoughts fogs my mind for a good half hour when I say a "thank you" instead of an "excuse me" or an "oh no, you first."

    And yes... eye exams are terrible. Apparently eye doctors only have to do the eye puffer thing once every two years, so I switch eye doctors every year and tell the new one that my old one just did it :) I probably have glaucoma, but at least my eye isn't getting sporadically puffed at.