Sunday, June 3, 2012

Suit Yourself

Michael and I are headed to the wedding of a family friend this upcoming Saturday. I've been telling Michael for a while that I think he should get one of those light colored suits to wear in the summer on account of their being awesome. 

We spent over an hour at Macy's, which meant me wrangling our little wildling for that long. The good news is that she has no desire for utter destruction (overturning displays, grabbing shoes and throwing them to the floor, etc.), she just really likes to wander and occasionally pick things up off the floor. "Oh, what's that you found? An 'on hold' sign?"

So mostly I was chasing her around and letting her navigate the racks of suits. 

At times like these I sometimes wonder if this is considered "letting my kid run amok," "not controlling my child," etc. At the end of the day, I guess I don't care if other people think I let her do what she wants - I feel like her exploring helps her learn and experience. She's never out of sight and if she ever pulls something out (like every single bouncy ball in the Sports Authority rack), I have her help me put them all back before we leave.

But I digress. The shopping trip was a success - Michael got two new suits, including a light tan one and a medium gray one. The only question now is what shirt and tie to wear with it. 

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