Monday, June 25, 2012

June's Words

June does a lot of talking these days. Even if most of it is still babbling, making nonsensical noises that are obviously questions or exclamations.

She has put two words together twice now. The first time was “Bye Mama” and the second time was “More cracker!” She wasn’t actually eating crackers at the time and just really loves crackers, so it was probably more like, “More! Cracker!” But still. I’m counting it.

She loves B words. Bird, ball, book, baby. And M. Mama, milk, more. She’s also started saying “No,” which sounds more like “neh,” but we know she means “no” because she says it while vehemently shaking her head and often swinging her fists at what we’re presenting to her. As in, “Do you want more chicken?” “Neh!” “Do you want a cracker?” “Cracker!”

And that's just what she says...I'm even more amazed by what she understands. She understands a lot more than she can say. We have this matching game that has a mama animal and a baby animal on separate puzzle pieces that fit together. The other day I said, “Go get the cow. Can you bring me the cow?” She walked over to where all the pieces were, picked one up, said “Mmmmm” (her expression for “moo,” not that she wanted some beef) and brought it over to me. It was the cow piece. So I said, “Can you bring me the sheep?” She did the same thing, except this time she said “Baa!” and brought both the mama sheep and the baby sheep. She did the same thing with the ducks and the kitties before losing interest in the game. I started tearing up and looked up the number for MENSA before realizing I should probably first alert Michael.

Kids really are like little sponges.

I hope you all don't mind me gushing and bragging about my little girl. Sometimes I think of this blog as my baby book, a way I'll look back and remember these little stories and accomplishments.

Anyway, I love her so much and am proud of her every day.

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  1. Brag away!! Love hearing about all of June's accomplishments and special & loving moments!