Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Baby and Juno Baby

When June was first born, my dear friend Keely sent us a package that included various baby items, but among them were a stuffed doll and an educational DVD to go with her. It's all part of the Juno Baby company. 

Juno Baby (known affectionately as just "Baby" round these parts) is one of June's favorites and whenever we put the DVD in, June makes sure to grab Juno Baby to watch with her. 

We're THOSE annoying parents who don't have the TV on while June's awake. But when we were trying to get June to sit still for an albuterol (breathing) treatment, Michael had the stroke of genius to put the DVD in. She was entranced. The discovery has been a lifesaver for fingernail clipping. Anyway, June just adores Juno Baby. They have original classical music and the songs are really great. (Michael and I find ourselves singing every once in awhile, "In the ooocean! In the ooooooocean!")

So this evening, with Michael out of town, we had an evening Skype session with him. Afterwards June got a little sad that Dada was gone, so I pulled up the first Juno Baby video I could find on YouTube (this one) and June immediately searched for Juno Baby and started dancing. 

She obviously gets those sassy hips from her mom. I love how she almost falls over while looking back at me. But she's all, "BE COOL MOM" and totally plays it off with more dancing. 

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