Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Day Reunion

I married a sneaky one. 

He surreptitiously planned his week-long trip to return on Father's Day because he knew that June and I would fawn all over him and race each other to the door (as if June stood a chance!) and smother him with kisses. I'M ON TO YOU, MICHAEL.

To pass the time before his plane got in, June and I went to the mall to play in the fountains. The side effect of having a baby who gets up at 6 every day is that I forget that not everyone else does. We were the first ones there which meant June was Queen of the splash pad. 
 Some other families showed up eventually and one in particular was so sweet to share their beach ball with her. Add 'dollar store beach ball' to the list of things to get for our trip to Delaware coming up!
I'm glad we got out of the house in the morning because by the time Michael got home, all we wanted to do was hang out and snuggle and climb on the furniture and roll around. And June did some of that too. 

Happy Father's Day, Michael! You are most certainly sneaky but also adored.

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