Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Avery Wedding

Finally I get around to posting about the Avery wedding we attended in Los Angeles! 

The venue was a really cool little spot. It was all vintage charm and exposed brick and random genuine old time paintings. 

The ceremony was lovely, of course, with my childhood friend, Luke marrying the beautiful Crystal.

Each of the Avery kids managed to get into this picture.

One of the most popular ladies of the evening was Olive, age 3 months. My first order of business upon arrival was to steal her out of the arms of her Aunt Keely. Olive is a doll. At one point I looked over and saw that she was surrounded by all the dapper gentlemen partygoers. My kind of gal!

One of my favorite moments of the night was when the other Avery kids joined forces in a song for Luke and Crystal's first dance. John played, Keely sang and Adam...lit the music with his cell phone. Yes, that's baby Olive strapped to his chest. She was too excited by all of the celebrations to go to sleep, so into the Ergo she went.

Luke and Crystal surprised us all by ending the night with a tap routine. It was adorable and also confusing, as I had never before thought of Luke as a Fred Astaire type, but will need to reevaluate that theory.

And I leave you with my favorite photo of the evening, possibly the best photo of the planet, the full roster of Martin and Avery men. Love each and every one of these guys!

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  1. what a beautiful wedding. her dress is just gorgeous!!! and i love exposed brick! :)
    xo TJ