Saturday, May 5, 2012

We have become THOSE parents

To our great dismay, we have become the type of parents we never thought we'd be.

June moved up to the next classroom in school - the toddler room. We received a lovely note detailing the "few changes" to June's routine, which then listed about a million ways that June is no longer a baby and is in fact a fully grown adult and will be doing her own taxes and doesn't need me anymore...

Really, it was more like: one nap a day, sleep on cots instead of cribs, organized activities and they provide all food. When I first read that I got pretty excited because it meant us not having to stress about thinking up and preparing one lunch and two snacks for June every day.

Then, depending on your outlook, we either became neurotic helicopter parents or made a responsible parenting decision that was right for us. We looked at the menu, had a talk and decided we weren't thrilled about it. We went through a bit of a process trying to get them to let us bring our own food again, but alas, we're back to preparing little meals for June every night.

The thing is, June likes eating whole foods. Protein and vegetables and fruit and grains. I know that there might come a time when she only wants to eat chicken nuggets and chips, but I want to put that off until it's no longer possible not to. I figure that as long as she enjoys eating this way, we should encourage it. Maybe she'll grow up liking Brussels sprouts?

We're not least I don't think so. We don't insist on organic food. I'm not looking up the glycemic index when I prepare her meals. Of course we let her eat goldfish crackers and have a bite of our sweet treats. I'm just...not really interested in feeding her meals out of a box all day every day. Not yet, not now, not when she'll eat almost anything you set in front of leafys included.

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  1. i honestly commend you! If you feel it's unhealthy and don't want her to have it - why should you have to? I don't call that helicopter parenting. It's just parenting, period.