Tuesday, May 8, 2012

June Speaks

Just now, June was playing with me in the living room. She abruptly walked into the kitchen and said to Michael, "Wa-wa!"

He gave her the sippy cup of water, she turned with it and walked back into the living room while sipping merrily away.

June babbles a ton, she says "more" when she wants more, "puppy" and "duck" when she sees them. For "moon" she says "boomboom," so it's not that this is her first word association. It's just, I don't know, I feel like this was a first. The first time she used a word to get what she wanted when her desire was out of context. It was like her first question.


The above was written on Sunday afternoon. Since then June has gone into the kitchen several times asking for Wa-wa.

She also learned the pose for "I don't know," which is what we see all the time around here. When we ask her where her ears are, when I ask her where Daddy is, or whenever I say "I don't know" I see this:
She thinks it's quite clever and grins after she does it. 

She's so interesting, you know? She has a personality. She throws little tantrums which aren't so fun but I still find it fascinating and a little touching to know what moves her so. (The biggest culprits are not having "more" of a food to give her, having to stop playing and wiping her face.)

Every day it seems we get to uncover a little of her self, what makes her uniquely her. It makes me feel very lucky. 

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