Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Jam-Packed Weekend

This weekend was full to the brim of activities and family and food and fun.

Saturday morning, Michael, June and I decided we had to do something outdoors because of the awesome weather. Normally this time of year is plagued by already 100+ degree temps, so the 85' was very welcome. We went to to zoo and had a great time wandering around at our own pace. 

Saturday night the whole family headed up to my parents' house to have dinner and start off the weekend right. If you know me, you know that this must involve a sweet treat and it did. In the form of s'mores over a fire pit. 
Sunday morning the men all golfed, so us girls made a day of it. Breakfast, the park, shopping and then naps!


 Sunday night, JP, Michael went out to the bar/club scene and I promptly learned that I am out of practice. That's a blog for another day, though.

 We came back to our house on Monday to try to recoup before the workweek. But not before some playing with Papa!

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