Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

Right now the narration of June’s mind sounds something like this:


It’s hilarious and charming until you realize it’s absolutely terrible.

Feeding has become a struggle. If we give her a pile of fruit or puffs or anything she will shove them into her mouth using two hands then chew with a loud “numnumnum” sound. If we try to slow her down and only give her a few bites at a time, she gets mad and sometimes ends up in frustrated crying. I try to point out that she does actually have some pieces still available for her consumption and she pounces on them with an excited “ooh!”

The general opinion I’ve gotten about amounts of food to give boils down to: they’ll eat however much they want to eat. The lactation consultant, Dr. Sears, the Pediatrician, all when asked, basically said that she’ll stop eating when she’s full. She does not stop eating when she’s full. We feed her. And feed her and feed her and keep giving her more food and still we get “More?” I don’t…know what I’m supposed to do? Do I just feel her until she rolls away? Do I just suck it up and cut her off at a certain point and endure the wailing that comes after we cheerily cry, “All done!”?

After stuffing herself on Greek yogurt and Cheerios and bananas, I set her down to wander the kitchen while we finish getting ready for work. She spied me putting crackers into a baggie and, “More?” She pointed to the Wheat Thins and then repeated “More?” with the accompanying sign. Wailing.

We can’t take her to the grocery store anymore. Every single thing we put into the cart is the object of her desire. Michael once placed the bananas in her lap to pacify her and then looked down to see her disgusted face and tooth marks in the peel. Even random things on the shelves are pointed at and asked for. “More?” Sign for more. “More?”

*Sigh* What am I going to do with my little pudgemeister? My chunkawunka? My tubbs?

Can you see why it was important to me to feed her good foods? Think if she was eating this much of all the vanilla pudding and sugar pretzels and chips and queso?! 

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