Sunday, May 20, 2012

Breaching the Barricade

I was baking a peach pie this morning - finally getting around to using the peaches from Schnepf Farms - and I broke my glass pie plate. While I tried to gather up the 5 billion shards of glass that had somehow rounded corners into every nook and cranny of my kitchen, Michael barricaded the area off so June couldn't wander in.

Well, when Michael came into the kitchen to refresh his coffee, we looked over to see this:
Caught in the act!

She obviously feels very guilty.

She took the rearrangement of furniture as a challenge/invitation to play for the rest of the morning.

And this was all before 8 am! (Sometimes I look forward to the her teenage years of sleeping past 6 am...and then I remember everything else about teenage years.)

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