Thursday, May 3, 2012

Annie and Sam's Wedding!

Last weekend I took my first trip away from June and went to San Diego to go to a friend's wedding. Annie, one of my best friends from my trip to New Zealand, was marrying Sam and five of us NZ girls went to watch them tie the knot!
 It was a beach wedding - the first true beach wedding I've ever been to! Complete with a spot to leave our shoes, a warm April sun and cool ocean breeze. We even got to sneak a picture with the groom before the ceremony.
 Annie and Sam had their adorable daughter Kai at the wedding. She was such a doll...and I'm sure you can imagine that I - missing June sorely - stared at her throughout the ceremony, adoring her antics and generally just wanting to squeeze her.

 The Mr. and Mrs.!

Annie's kickin' sparkly Tom's:
 And finally, some pictures of us NZ girls having a good time and goofing around on the beach:

 As much fun as we had, we did have one serious mission to accomplish. We had a picture that we took on the first day we arrived in New Zealand. Out of the group of 42 people, the six of us just happened to take a shot together, and that group ended up being the six of us that got along so well. So we endeavored to recreate that picture - same order and everything - on this beach six years later. Here are the results!

I love it!

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