Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Friday

So very many pictures and things to blog about from this weekend, but I will attempt to exercise some self-control and proceed chronologically instead of erupt in a EASTER/CUPCAKE/BIRTHDAYEGG, TUTU explosion.

So…Friday night. Judy and Fred offered to stay home and babysit June so Michael and I could go on a date. We didn’t end up leaving until after June was asleep and frankly it’s a miracle that we went out and did anything at all. A combination of allergies, tiredness and comfy sweatpants made staying home look appealing,but we rallied and decided to go out.

We went to First Friday, which is an event that takes place in downtown Phoenix in the hipster district. All of these little houses that have been converted into coffee shops or cafes or art galleries open their doors, vendors come and set up tents and booths, artists try to sell their wares from street corners. We saw organized bands and also lone guitarists. We saw Tarot card readers sitting in the grass and a group of four women who had brought their portable pole to do athletic pole dancing. There was a booth where you could try to win a bunny and after proclaiming the game impossible to win, we later saw a girl carrying a basket with a prize bunny inside.

Michael and I need to get some art on our walls and we’d love to go the local art route. However, we learned that First Fridays, though considered a haven for local art, might not be our best avenue. You see, our home style doesn’t really fit with the most affordable or abundant choices at First Fridays: black skulls, blood-dripping-from-eyeball, robot head on a baby’s body. So while I commend them for their talent and dedication, we didn’t make any purchases. Though there was one unintentionally hilarious painting of Barack Obama that made him look like a vampire.

The funny thing is that, after reading that last paragraph, you might think that it’d be hard to fit in there. I didn’t really feel that way at all. Yes, there was an abundance of the emo hipsters, but they mostly congregated behind their booths and were just genuinely interested in trying to sell their stuff. There were also families pushing their babies around in strollers. There were tons of young teens running around being teenagers (I hope that’s considered descriptive) showing me all about the styles that are in these days. There were also what appeared to be middle-aged tourists in capris and fanny packs who were so adorable in their stark contrast to the hipsters.

Afterward, we went out for drinks before heading home for the night. It was really great to have some time to focus on just us two.

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