Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can't Catch a Break

Yesterday our pediatrician sympathized, "Yes, June has had sort of a rough year. She's gotten both of the Big Ones, the other being RSV. But I guess we can say, at least it's not another ear infection?"

In my humble opinion, "At least it isn't X" should only apply when X is a fate worse that what you actually have, which isn't the case now. Though if it had been another ear infection I probably would have banged my head against the padded table.

June has the flu.

And this just blows, man! She got the flu vaccine and then we find out that apparently it doesn't cover all the strains. So what's the...? And also, the swab to test for the flu gave her a bloody nose. NURSE BETTER WATCH OUT.

The past day has been marked by a very sleepy and irritable Bug with coldlike symptoms but thank goodness no vomiting (that's the other strain of flu).

I'm just over it. We try to do everything right and she keeps coming down with worse and worse things. I still nurse so she can keep getting all those antibodies. We try to nip little health issues in the bud. We carry around that stupid shopping cart cover that is useful in shopping carts but just becomes the most confusing and tangled mass of anti-microbial cloth on restaurant high chairs. I know we send her to daycare, which is the likely culprit but the truth is it could have been anything.

Discouraged. Doc said she might feel this crummy for three days or so.

At least I'm getting a lot of sick baby snuggles in.

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  1. Oh lady- do I hear you. My little girl is just a few days older then June and she too has been plagued with just about everything under the sun! I'm so sick of hearing people say, "but she'll have an immune system of steel by the time she reaches school age".

    This year, after spending 5 days in PCH for a nasty round of RSV + Pneumonia, I am welcoming 100+ degree temps, I've already noticed a huge decrease in E's amount of sickness as all these nasty bugs die in our ridiculous heat.

    Hoping your baby girl is on her way to recovery soon, and that you catch a few breaks!