Wednesday, April 25, 2012


On Sunday my mom, Michael, June and I met Lyndsey, Fabricio, Matteo and their dog Leo at the Fountain Hills splash pad. It was perfect - warm outside but the water was a little chilly, which cooled us down. 
We thought June would love it. We took her to a playground with a few small fountains before and we spent the whole time trying to keep her out of them (fully dressed). We weren't disappointed - she had a great time.
Mostly she just walked up to the water, put her hand in it and made excited cooing noises.
 But she did also make a few passes under the sprinkling water. She was so adorable to watch.

 It's always fun to see June's Birthday Buddy and his parents. These two babies are so cute playing next to each other... I can't wait to see them play with each other as they get older.

This next photo proves that June is in love with all puppies, no matter how huge and scary. (To be fair, Leo is a big ol' softy and sweetheart, so he only looks scary to a one-year-old.)
We ended the morning off with feeding the ducks. ("Duck" is one of June's favorite words. We have a big ceramic duck we used as an Easter decoration and ever since she learned "duck" while pointing at it, she has proceeded to point out every duck and duck-like thing we come in contact with. This includes in books, toys and a fake duck up at my parents' house.)

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