Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bathing Beauty

Our little family decided to head up to Fountain Hills this weekend and spend some time with my mom.  Michael had to work an event on Saturday so June and I headed up early. While we waited for Michael to arrive, we decided to have a dip in the pool - girls only!

June modeled one of the new bikinis she got for her birthday - and her new bathing cap.

I die. I die of the cute. 

We heated the hot tub until it was more of a fairly-warm-tub so it would be comfortable for all us girls. 
 June had a fun time swimming, splashing, walking around the bench and climbing out using the steps.
Even better, it tuckered June out, so come bedtime, June crashed in her pack-n-play. With Mom home to keep an eye on her, Michael and I headed out for a romantic evening at Scottsdale Quarter.


  1. Julie Jules: I am so jealous to see my three girls in the hot tub....and me watching the rain fall in Delaware!!! Junebug's bathing suit is soooooo cute....and I am glad you guys were able to have some time for a date night!

    Love to all, Dad

  2. What a fun day! I loved being with the three of you. The waterpark was so much fun and June was so interactive with the fountains! The "warm-tub" was relaxing and fun with the three girls. June is the cutest in her bathing suiit and cap. I'm so glad you got to go on a date with Michael.