Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Independent Eater

Question: What do you do when your baby is being a fussy eater?

Answer: Give her broccoli.
Spoon-feeding June has been stressful lately. She goes from one extreme to the other in one feeding session...seeming to be frustrated that I'm not feeding her fast enough and then not wanting to eat at all and back again. What I've found to be the solution is to just let her feed herself. No purees, just well-cooked bits of food.
We've found that she will eat literally anything as long as we're eating it too. She's had pork, salmon, beef, chicken, yogurt and all kinds of fruits and veggies.One thing is for sure: this strange girl loves some broccoli (and even brussels sprouts)!
I hope that we can continue to adapt and find things that work for us. I don't want meals to be stressful for her or for me and they have been lately.

Maybe I just stock up on broccoli?

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